The face behind Needle Ninja

I have had a great interest in piercings ever since I was a child. I have pierced my friends several times using a sewing needle. This is of course not a good idea, but that's how my interest started. I remember thinking that the prices for piercings are ridiculously high, which I still think to this day; so one day I decided that I'm going to start my own business. 

As written a bit here and there, I am SELF-TAUGHT. I don't have a certificate, nor have I ever studied or worked at a studio. Everything I know I have learned by doing. I learn new methods all the time and hope to one day be able to open a studio where I have employees.

However, I'm convinced that my studies and previous work experience in healthcare helps me understand a lot, like the way the skin heals and the risks that accompany the piercings. Therefore, I'm extra careful with what kind of tools I use and keeping the studio clean.

I opened an instagram account where I published pictures of the piercings I did. When messages started to flood in where people wanted me to do a piercing for them, my interest grew even more.

After I've done piercings for my family and friends for several years and felt I was ready for the next step, I finally founded my company on the first of March 2021.

I have my very own "piercing studio" at my apartment in Vaasa. That means you can´t just drop in, you have to book an appointment if you want a piercing made. Therefore I do not have any special opening hours. We´ll find a time and date that works for both of us when you book the appointment.